About Fake Love Swimwear

Fake Love Swimwear is a rapidly emerging luxury swimwear brand based in Antwerp. It offers exclusive collections to their customers, a privilege for every woman to be unique and feel comfortable with her body.

Fake Love Swimwear was founded by Hagit Saki to inspire women all over the world feel good about themselves and their bodys. Our swimwear creates the perfect harmony in perfect quality. it has introduced the idea of couture wear in to swimwear. Each design is a result of extensive research and effective production process. As each product is carefully constructed, the details are impeccable. All designs are constructed in order to provide comfort and optimal appearance once worn. Fake Love Swimwear aims to ensure outstanding quality as well as ensuring the clients well being with providing long-lasting, good quality and comfortable products.

We remain loyal to the season trends through vast researches. However, our main inspiration has always been the to make all women feel self confident and sexy. 

My personal story started as a teenager, when i was making my own clothes and dreaming about becoming a fashion desinger one day. All my life i’ve been passionate about fashion and in 2017. Finally, My dream came by starting my own brand  designing high quality swimwear.

Enjoy  summer with Fake Love. Always feel special and unique.

Love Mery/Hagit Saki

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